PFJ Gig Photos - Saturday 31 July 2004

The Rising Sun, Slough.

I'm Free Captain Peacock !!

EVP, taken from behind by a Camel

Naughtius, putting 100% in as per usual - NOT, while Brian does his best Jo Brand impression

Brian auditioning for Wishy Washy at Windsor Theatre for Christmas 2005

"Master, Master", Brian Auditioning for part of Egor in Frankenstein must Die at the Theatre Royal, Windsor

Red Sky at night..... Shepherd's Hut is on fire

Naughtius'es 'Dirty Bass Player' (AKA JJ Burnell) expression

The kettles boiling lads, two shugs, ta

Coolus show boating, Naughtius's tongue hits the floor.

Whole Lotta Flash Pods

The guitar, Cap'n, it can't take much more, it's gonna blow....

Oops upside your head(BANG), I said Ooops upside your head(BANG)

Brian's 70's porn films, came flooding back.....