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Name: Hannah
City: Berkshire
Sent: Saturday 12 August 2017

Could someone please contact me regarding a gig as your 'contact me' email doesn't work and my emails keep bouncing back!!

Name: John Ratcliffe
City: Hurst
Sent: Monday 4 July 2016

Great performance at 'Parkhurst' on Saturday, you certainly got everyone 'going'. all the talk on Sunday was about the PFJ

Thanks again and see you at Rocktober fest

Name: Greeny
City: Windsor
Sent: Sunday 15 May 2016

Thanks again guys for playing my 50th birthday at the Duke in Windsor. As always you were superb and everyone from my sons to my older relatives really enjoyed it, my neck is stiff from head banging and throat sore from singing 😜 Great setlist and

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Sent: Wednesday 30 March 2016


Name: Fran Hadfield
City: Manchester
Sent: Wednesday 9 July 2014

Saw you at Chinnor biker dayze you were brilliant hope to see you soon and next year at Chinnor x

Name: Steve Mays
City: Portsmouth
Sent: Sunday 6 July 2014

Awsome gig last night ...wicked as always
Thanks for the dvd .

See ya next year

Name: Blallace
City: Wokingham
Sent: Monday 23 June 2014

Looking forward to seeing you at the Blue Mountain on 27th September- any chance of "Should I stay or should I go"??

Name: Fully Twisted
City: Reading
Sent: Wednesday 26 February 2014

Great to meet you guys on Saturday, we've plugged your site on our FB page, which will reach literally 277 people. We were honoured to be rocking for you :-)

Name: Gavin Scofield
City: Maidenhead
Sent: Thursday 23 January 2014

We need you to do some gigs this year open to the public so I can come along with some mates.

Name: Eric Palmer
City: Slough
Sent: Monday 18 November 2013

Brilliant at the Wishing Well last Saturday (16th Nov). I haven't laughed so much since Roman times!


Eric Palmer of Icorius Sloughus

Name: JonH
City: Hillingdon
Sent: Sunday 17 November 2013

Attended the event on Saturday at The Wishing Well at Hayes End. Absolutely magic, especially the two muppets playing from the other side of the Uxbridge Road.

Keep up the good work, hopefully our paths will cross again soon.


Name: Ian Parker
City: Reading
Sent: Tuesday 2 July 2013

Are you aware that this company are selling t-shirts promoting your wonderful band?

Hope you're getting commission.



Name: Asaba
City: Reading
Sent: Monday 15 April 2013

Outstanding job on Saturday chaps. Had brilliant feedback from everyone who came to the party. Made my birthday go with a bang!

Name: John Harris
City: Reading
Sent: Sunday 14 April 2013

Played great but too fast!! Try slowing down it will sound better - I promise.

Name: Nico
City: Hayes
Sent: Monday 18 February 2013

Thanks for a fab night on Saturday. My friend and I enjoyed the gig - your costumes and range of songs were highly entertaining.

Will try to catch you at another date this year.

Name: Bradley Lucas
City: Twyford - Beer Festival 2012
Sent: Monday 9 July 2012

EXCELLENT! Such a good band and especially for a beer festival! ha ha well good!


Name: Gavin Scofield
City: Burnham
Sent: Thursday 6 October 2011

Come on Guys we are all Grieving for some more gigs from The PFJ

Name: Concerned....
City: Somewhere in the Middle East about tea
Sent: Saturday 17 September 2011


How come your not gigging again until never...?

Name: Malcolm
City: Wokingham
Sent: Saturday 27 August 2011

Thoroughly enjoyed your set last night in Wokingham. You lot are bonkers as well as good musicians. Well done to the lot of you especially the dep Bass player who appeared to be wearing a Reading FC logo?

Name: Damien
City: Belfast
Sent: Saturday 26 March 2011

Hello there, met a few of you guys last nite and promised i would comment here :D hope you managed to find somewhere to get a few pints in

Name: limelight
City: belfast
Sent: Saturday 26 March 2011

Thanks for cig

Name: Wayne Routledge
City: Loftus Road,London
Sent: Friday 28 January 2011

Come on boys, get fcuking gigging. Your public awaits!!

Name: Sheena
City: Aberystwyth
Sent: Thursday 20 January 2011

Hi Guys

Just sat doing a bit of work n thought I'd check out your website
I'm so pleased to see you're still going Keep up the good work.

Sheena (The Welsh one)

Name: The Royal British Legion
City: Burnham
Sent: Monday 22 November 2010

The Committee wish to thank Trevor and the boys of PFJ for a brilliant gig and all the people who attended for making it a great night. A fantastic gesture from the Band who donated their fee and expenses to the Poppy Appeal. A total of over £750 was rais

Name: Dave Wellavise
City: Maidenhead
Sent: Wednesday 21 July 2010

Great gig at the Mearfest .

Name: chris
City: bicester
Sent: Sunday 18 July 2010

best of the bands at Merton beer fest, very entertaining, hope to see you there again sometime, 'kin awesome, keep it up boys.

Name: Dan Jones (sharon's brother..)
City: Slough
Sent: Sunday 18 July 2010

You boys were fucking ace last night!!

Good stuff, I think you need to do a Kasabian song though!

Name: Michael Coaker
City: Ambrosden, Oxfordshire
Sent: Sunday 18 July 2010

Saw you last night at Merton beer fest, best band of the line up, very entertaining. Going to recommend our school pta contact you for our summer festival next year.

City: burnham
Sent: Tuesday 13 July 2010

I have a show on slough fm and was wondering weather you would like to come and talk about what you do and maybe promote some of your gigs. If your intresed message me back at Its a community station in burnham. Thank you very mu

Name: Big John Embleton
City: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sent: Sunday 11 July 2010

A big thank you, it was a pleasure having someone taller than me in my own house!. 2011 grand tour anyone ???

Name: debs
City: oxford
Sent: Saturday 10 July 2010

Paradise City Guns and Roses

It's a must perform for you guys! Saw you last night in Maidenhead, wicked cool!!!

Name: Stings Dad was a milkman called Ernie.
City: Battle Hill, Wallsend
Sent: Tuesday 27 April 2010

Do you remember green shield stamps...i remember when Brian was Peter.
i think you shold play for the troops, Vera Lynn did and she was class also..
enjoyed video clip was it shot in presto's in Wallsend.

Name: Rich White
City: Maidenhead
Sent: Saturday 3 April 2010

I'm cominng in July to your gig in Windsor. Glad you are still going and never get old. Respect to Wij, Back Eye & Trev.
Rich White

Name: james
City: Ravenna
Sent: Friday 12 February 2010

hey man

Name: Jove
City: Ascot
Sent: Friday 22 January 2010

Hurry up and play in Ascot! We can't make the next Windsor one!

Name: Gavin Scofield
City: Burnham
Sent: Monday 11 January 2010

Get back down to Burnham High Street again or you will be missed

Name: Sunny
City: Tredegar Wales
Sent: Sunday 27 December 2009

I tell all my frinds here bout this great band from slough plase play Wales some time soon.

Name: Everyone in Ascot
City: Ascot
Sent: Wednesday 25 November 2009

When are you going to plag at Jagz again?

Name: Caesar
City: Rome
Sent: Thursday 12 November 2009

I command you to play Easy living by Uriah Heep or I'll send you to Sodem ( but you might like that )

Name: Sabrina
City: Burnham - UK and Biandronno - Italy
Sent: Thursday 5 November 2009

Guys.....what can I say? Absolutely great music, entertainment and Halloween gig....what a good night! I can't remember last time I danced so much!

Will see you all on the 5th December!
Sabrina, Nicola and Ruth X

Video clip....hillarious!

Name: reynolds
City: skid row on sea
Sent: Sunday 22 March 2009

Sinki - ya cheeky wee thing. Where's my bloody cymbals???

PS PFJ - let me book some summer mayhem in Brighton? You up for it???

Name: sinki
City: Hamilton
Sent: Saturday 7 February 2009

May i suggest a ska version of "land down under" by those Men at Work?

Name: Jove
City: Ascot
Sent: Friday 6 February 2009

Bray Sports Club. Bloody fantastic. Again.

Name: Jenny
City: Bucks
Sent: Thursday 5 February 2009

Thank you for a truly great night at 50th birthday party/Bray Sports Club - not only are you a terrific
band, you're a lovely group of guys who couldn't
have done more to make sure we all had a top night -
and we did! The version of Rebel Rebel was so

Name: Wezza
City: Sunny Slough
Sent: Monday 2 February 2009

Bray Sports Centre

F#=cking brilliant, great set list but dispite all my best efforts (I have lost my voice as evidence) you did not play Gay Bar

Will go and see again

Name: sinki
City: Hamilton
Sent: Saturday 10 January 2009

When are you wee cheeky bastard's gonna come up to Scotland for a shindig!!!

Name: matthew
City: burnham
Sent: Wednesday 12 November 2008

i have left a message on the pfj email address

Name: Brian
City: Cardiff
Sent: Wednesday 1 October 2008

I reckon 2010 we hit the US...........

Name: Bruce Wayne
City: Gotham
Sent: Friday 5 September 2008

Line-up for ROCK 08? Ticket prices? Why not get Jimmy Page to jam at it? He did for the Foo Fighters and this is just down the road for him. Its not as if hes away on tour...

Name: biggest fan Paul son of the great ANDY
City: slough
Sent: Saturday 9 August 2008

cant wait for the charity a end of a era gig and then after i get to see u in the rising sun where i hope to be working

Name: me
City: slough
Sent: Tuesday 5 August 2008

give us more songs and videos online and play in burnham

Name: Dangerous Dave (+ the missus)
City: Sunny Slough
Sent: Friday 16 May 2008

Oi Jason where's our glasses yu promised us?!

Name: Jon Cartwright
City: Heathrow, London
Sent: Friday 2 May 2008

Lights Out - by UFO

You'd murder that song - in the best possible sense of the word! And what a headbanging, frenzied guitar-solo song it is! And the drumming's not too shabby either, even Sillius could manage it!

Name: Diglit Pie
City: The Toon
Sent: Thursday 13 March 2008

I think your lead singer has to cut down on his intake of Walkers crisps...

Name: Naughtious Maximus
City: Royal Berkshire
Sent: Thursday 13 March 2008

Check out our sister-site:

Name: brianmega pissed roadie mearus
City: Trinityville
Sent: Wednesday 9 January 2008

Ihave a rare weekend off and will be attending the burnham gig! Trinity playing the Hershel the night before on the 1st of Feb. Please come if u can. It was great last time you came along!

Name: Ozzy Williams
City: Rockport IN
Sent: Wednesday 9 January 2008

America needs you! Please come to America!

Name: Gavin Scofield
City: Burnham
Sent: Tuesday 8 January 2008

Get back to Burnham as it was such a great gig that you did in 07 and we would love you in the High Street in 08

Name: Kenny
City: Crete Greece
Sent: Sunday 16 December 2007

just seen your videop clip! bloody funny !!!
Jason in the supermarket! what diet is he on ?

Name: Mat
City: Windsor
Sent: Friday 14 December 2007

When's your next gig?????

Name: Ian
City: High Wycombe
Sent: Sunday 25 November 2007

Just to let you know you guys were pretty darn cool at the robs arrt gig
Loved the sex pistols cover!

Name: TRINITY-The mighty four!
City: Slough
Sent: Wednesday 21 November 2007

Congratulations on reaching the ton! The Bourne end gig will be our silver jubille! Thanks for the drunken antics at the Hershel . Really helped create a great atmosphere,were back there at the end of Jan Cheers!

Name: Brian
City: Judea
Sent: Monday 19 November 2007


Name: Brian
City: Judea
Sent: Monday 19 November 2007

OI... update the songography. There's no "simply the best", no wonder it keeps getting ommitted from set lists. Oh, and bring back SYBG... I still think its a great encore... and remember even Rainbow can't get the harmonies live... THE AUDIENCE ARE TOO

Name: Strappin Jack
City: The Toon
Sent: Friday 26 October 2007

I have seen the light. One of the best bands that exist on this earth, is this alright Peter ? But seriously if you get the chance to see this band please go along as they are f***in entertaining, go Peter,J, Dancis and all the lads. See you shortly.

Name: Kurt Cobain
City: Heaven
Sent: Friday 27 July 2007

I'd love you guys to cover 'heart shaped box', what do you think?
Any chance of some Stone Roses as well?

Name: Phil Hutchinson-May
City: Maidenhead
Sent: Thursday 26 July 2007

Looking forward to the gig at the wedding. Any chance of playing YMCA?

Name: Peter Lawrence
City: Aberdeen
Sent: Monday 23 July 2007

Hi Guys! Looking forward to your next gig at Keith and Cath's Wedding. Is it true that the legendary Peter Lawrence will be introducing the band?

Name: Nick
City: Reading
Sent: Monday 2 July 2007

hi there guys looking forward to seeing you again at Richards 40th at the madjeski

Name: Singe Dinajeep
City: Glasgow
Sent: Monday 2 July 2007

Sorry lads, can't make any more gigs this year.... Had a bit trouble at glasgow airport.

Name: Steve & Andrew Horne
City: Austin, Texas, US of A
Sent: Tuesday 19 June 2007

Loved your show at TOTH on June 16th! Well worth the air fare!

Name: stevieeeeee dorsettt
City: city of the rsing sun or arse like a japanese flag
Sent: Saturday 16 June 2007

next tim,e you play the rising sun can you dedicate i predict a riot to the female bouncer and re announce it as i predict a diet !!!

Name: Graeme Nash
City: Slough
Sent: Monday 21 May 2007

Alright lads!

Well done for the Ticket Hall gig on Saturday, we all had a wicked time and it was a pleasure to finally meet a couple of you and get along to one of your shows! That was the biggest rig I have ever seen in TOTH!!! Sounded superb! :o)

Name: Doug 'n' Annie
City: Fleet, Hants
Sent: Monday 19 March 2007

Hi guys,

Brilliant concept, love the name(big time Python fan), Please have a look at out Myspace for "Dizzy Blonde Productions", we'd love to work with you sometime.

Doug & Annie

Name: Maus in da Haus
City: Marlow
Sent: Sunday 18 March 2007

Let me know bout gigs, Would love to come to one.

Name: greeny
City: ascot
Sent: Sunday 28 January 2007

hurry up and play some more gigs you lazy gits. how about in ascot so i can stagger home :-)

Name: |Geordie from Wallsend
City: Worksop
Sent: Wednesday 3 January 2007

Are you planning on going on tour? Can you play the lighthoose family hits ? I first saw Brian live in Hamburgh what a classic!!

Name: Windy
City: Somewhere I shouldn't be at 4o'clock inthe morning
Sent: Friday 15 December 2006

Are you boys eva gonna play when I'm not working,........... or is it you just don't like me?

Name: Financial Advisor of PMC
City: The Smoke
Sent: Thursday 23 November 2006

Steve .... if you wanna sell more beers.... do a waitress service man. The beer will flow me old china.

Name: Financial Advisor of PWMC
City: The Smoke
Sent: Thursday 23 November 2006

Missed the W off PWMC... doh!!!

ell I never, oopos there it goes again... hat a anker

Name: Professor Ludicroiusus
City: University Of Slough
Sent: Tuesday 21 November 2006

I am pleased to hear that you are intrigued by the latest discovery beneath the surface of Sloughs otherwise mundane geologic strata. Indeed it is an exciting discovery and I hope that some of the latest discoveries regarding new unbefore discovered obscu

Name: paul
City: windsor
Sent: Sunday 12 November 2006

Just had to drop you a line to say thanks for a great gig last night. Cheers

Name: Steve
City: Reading
Sent: Monday 30 October 2006

re PWMC gig, that was the best yet. Three hours of solid entertainment.
My only complaints is that we didn't sell enough beer as people didn't want to miss anything.

Name: Steve McMahon
City: Reading
Sent: Monday 30 October 2006

We were at Pangbourne Working Mens Club on Saturday 28th Oct 06 and enjoyed every minute of the set. For entertainment 10 out of 10. Thanks for a wonderful evening. Ace of Spades was excellent.

Name: Mark Mountford
City: Ferryhill
Sent: Friday 27 October 2006

Hey Jason it's been 10 years since setting the fire extinguishers off in Harrys :o)

Name: Silus T Oysterburger III
City: Houston, Texas, USA
Sent: Tuesday 10 October 2006

When are you guys coming over to the good old US of A ?

We love you Brits with your ironic sense of humour and your fun bands. I see you hail of out Slough, now I know thats near Windsor. Do you guys know the Queen ?

Name: briantrinitymear
City: maidenhead
Sent: Tuesday 3 October 2006

a thousand thanks for a blinding gig at rock 2oo6 ithink its fair to say it was our best one ever we raised over £1500 many many thanks brian

Name: brian trinity mear
City: maidenhead
Sent: Wednesday 20 September 2006

are you ready to rock? looks like rock 2oo6 will be the biggest yet! over 300 at least!look forward to seeing you all on friday

Name: jo
City: somewhere west of slough
Sent: Friday 15 September 2006

have a great gig in Wales - pfj on tour in a minibus quality!

Name: Ted Hitchcock
City: Beirut
Sent: Friday 11 August 2006

When's the Brighton gig - I gotta get out of this city???

Name: Judson X
City: Calgary, AB, Canada
Sent: Tuesday 8 August 2006

My God, you guys swiped the best band name out from under me! I was gonna call MY band "the People's Front..." but you snagged it first! ...Would you gentlemen be so inclined as to permit me to use it anyway? Pretty please? I'm way the hell over in Canada

Name: Ted Hitchcock
City: Jerusalem
Sent: Tuesday 1 August 2006


Name: brian trinity mear
City: maidenhead
Sent: Monday 17 July 2006

looking forward to widgefest iam returning from boys brigade camp that day andiwill be in need of a drink or 3 i will be celebrating my birthday as well hacksaw sound great on the web could widgefest be called a widgerydo what do you think

Name: marti in the valley and the park
City: pacman land
Sent: Sunday 21 May 2006

i still play pacman in the taxi office in waaaallsend yu naaaa.

Name: Jo
City: taplow
Sent: Friday 5 May 2006

Please don't start playing the smiths!!!

Name: brian;julian;dave;liam.
City: slough
Sent: Tuesday 2 May 2006

dear jason,widge,backeye,kieth,webby and trevor thank you for letting us play at the rising sun on saturday we loved it see you soon trinity [the mighty four!]

Name: Robbo
City: Robboville, Pop. Me
Sent: Wednesday 19 April 2006

Play some smiths. Too complicated van porker?
Keiths the glue.

Name: Jules
City: Slough
Sent: Sunday 16 April 2006

Just wanna say u mofo's rock man! See u soon

Name: paul wallis - andy wallis son
City: slough
Sent: Saturday 15 April 2006

yer i was wondering if you can learn thunderstruck by acdc because me and my friends love that song. I think it would be good to listen to you guys playing it. I think all your songs are fucking great and your gigs are brillant!!!, keep up the good work!!

Name: Brian
City: Coventry (think about it)
Sent: Monday 3 April 2006

OB. Official sorry statement from Brian. Sorry. Also sorry to the other three Reading-ites, Ady, Ali and Claudia. Hope it didnt spoil your night (too much). Also OB's Mam. Sorry to inconvenience you , but thanks for looking after your boy. You are an ange

Name: Lee Aaron
City: Vancouver
Sent: Friday 3 February 2006

Please bring back "Sponsoring the Moshpit".

Name: van porker
City: judea (about teatime)
Sent: Friday 3 February 2006

i see from the message below that time travel will become possible in the near future?

Name: adamus mearus+brianus mearus
City: maidenheadus
Sent: Wednesday 1 February 2006

hello jason hwz u

Name: Brian (The Messiah)
City: Bath(lehem)
Sent: Friday 23 December 2005

Yeah, come on... lets see the PFJ in Reading, during the month of March...

I will be canvessing some boozers.... we may only get expenses BUT it might mean playing to a big crowd.... and from little acorns.... lets put thePFJ on everyones lips..... mmm

Name: Van Porker
City: Somewhere in the Middle East (of Slough) about tea
Sent: Wednesday 21 December 2005


How come we're not gigging again until 29/4/06?


Name: pompey paul
City: not pompey....
Sent: Monday 12 December 2005

van porker is god!

i just sobered up from alan's wedding. thanks for the air guitar spot. merry christmas and a happy new year to you all.

Name: jane
City: happy, slappy, sunny slough
Sent: Saturday 10 December 2005

Rocking gig at Pangbourne !!!
I want those furry slippers and a beard - can't grow my own
You all have the 'mannersh of a goat !!!! '

Name: george
City: goteborg
Sent: Thursday 8 December 2005


Name: Steve
City: Pangbourne
Sent: Sunday 4 December 2005

The gig at Pangbourne WMC was even better this time than one walked out in disgust this time!
Please don't get so rich and famous that you don't come back.

Name: Ben
City: Reading
Sent: Monday 28 November 2005

what can I say, Saturday's gig in Pangbourne was the best fun I have had since watching Alan abuse old women in Lithuania on OB's stag do.

no.45 - nagasaki surprise. brilliant.

Name: Davius Trinityus
City: Chavbury
Sent: Friday 4 November 2005

As Victor Meldrew often says "I don't beleeeeeve it"

Name: Daveius Trinityus
City: Chavbury
Sent: Friday 14 October 2005


Name: Simon & Teresa
City: Can't Say (Witness Protection Program)
Sent: Sunday 9 October 2005

'Saturday 8th'
What a night. Bollox to the gigs, Let's just go out on the piss instead.

Name: adam brians son
City: at scool at the moment
Sent: Tuesday 4 October 2005

hello jason u smell

Name: Fran
City: Costa Calida, Sunny Spain
Sent: Saturday 27 August 2005

Big thanks for a fantastic performance at our wedding boys...........excellent entertainment on and off the stage. If you are ever in the area, pop in for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. Fancy some gigs in Spain?

Name: Ted "Backeye" Nugent
City: Motor City (Detroit)
Sent: Thursday 16 June 2005

Can you guys play CAT SCRATH FEVER? It'll rock your B@lls Off

Name: sheena x
City: cardiff
Sent: Wednesday 8 June 2005

Hiya I'm gonna try and get up to see u all real soon keep up the good work I haven't forgotten about u I do get updates from "THE MAD 1" Hope the girls r all keeping well C U all soon xxx

Name: Andi
City: Sunny Slough
Sent: Friday 29 April 2005

Forgot to say - Sorry Trev if we delayed your journey home - unavoidable I'm afraid & I bet you still got home before we did & in your own car too!!!

Name: Andi
City: Sunny Slough
Sent: Friday 29 April 2005

Had a SMASHING time on the 16th April at the Old Ticket Hall (including the unscheduled collision with a drunk driver on the way home) Seriously guys you were on top form!!! The cars a write off, the whiplash is a pain but the gig was a treat !!!

Name: Daveius Trinityus
City: Chavbury
Sent: Wednesday 20 April 2005


Name: adam
City: maidenhead
Sent: Wednesday 30 March 2005

hi jason thanks for putting me on your shoulders at judas priest it was cool!!! looking forward to rock 2005 polishing my air guitar!!!!!!!!

Name: Molly
City: Borlänge
Sent: Friday 11 February 2005

Hi guys! Nice to see u again (some of u) at Beard we speak (or as I write) I have emailed the management of the Peace&Love festival in Borlänge, and questioned about the possibilities of u coming to sweden and performing in the summer....I will g

Name: Stone Island BEARD
City: Where am I?
Sent: Sunday 6 February 2005

SWEDEN 2005? Wheels are in motion for your 1st overseas gig...we will be in touch soon..... :) :e

Name: Sluice
City: Spider Farm
Sent: Tuesday 18 January 2005

Will someone please come and collect the PFJ lights from my spare room. Ta. :q