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02/02/2010 - The Staines Weblog


The PFJ are an exciting pub band from Berkshire who play late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s retro rock from Aha to ZZ Top – stuff like “I Will Survive” to “Ace Of Spades”, with a bit of “Teen Spirit” and “Tiger Feet” thrown in.

I saw them at the Rising Sun, Slough and, even though they had to squeeze into a tiny corner, the boys managed to play a ‘full-on’ rock concert with sounds, lights, and electrifying energy.

The PFJ take their name from the Peoples Front of Judea (not to be confused with the Judean peoples popular front etc. etc. from Life of Brian) And, as the name suggests, the band oozes fun and humour as well as not a little musical talent.

Their choices (for the set list) is a head-bangers wet dream including some very old favourites like Ace Of Spades (Motorhead) and Paranoid (Sabbath) but mixed with some highly original (and hilarious) covers like I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor) or Crazy Horses (Osmonds). When you add songs like Turning Japanese (The Vapours)
and Video Killed the Radio Star ( Buggles) into the mix you realise that you are witnessing a highly innovative fun-time band.

The PFJ squeeze out every possible sound from their 6 piece outfit, featuring vocals, 2 guitars, bass, drums and even a stage dancer. Just to add to the party spirit, the PFJ come out in their patented Judean costumes and even tend to do some costume-changes during their set.

I went to see them again last Sunday at The Old Ticket Hall, Windsor but, unfortunately, the band were on after the rugby semi-final and I couldn’t be bothered to wait around until about 10:30pm to see them…

Since forming in 2000, the PFJ have won over crowds of drunks on a regular basis… make sure you catch their amazing live show soon

28/08/2008 - Slough Observer 28 August 2008

25/09/2006 - Rock 2004! Reviewed

ROCK 2004
No.6 - ROCK 2004 - 25th September.

Venue: Wexham Park Hospital Social Club.

Time: 7.00p.m.

The doors open and the fans that have queued for half an hour are allowed in, no one wants to miss the start of this year's charity gig, not just one band but 3, (not bad for a fiver). Sound checks overrun by half an hour, the lights go out as a fuse blows, lucky for us Brian's a qualified electrician, can he fix it? Yes he can.

'Trinity' the first band have a few minutes to themselves before they return to the stage to open this year's event. The soundtrack music from the film 'Lord of the Rings' fills the air as they step onto the smoke filled stage. They play their own rock-influenced songs that the crowd warm to and finish their short set with a cover of Gun's 'Word Up'. All smiles as they come off stage, their first live gig and caught on video. Rockstars in the making.

In between the sets the DJ pumps out classic rock tracks from Purple to Sabbath mixed with up-to-date bands like Linkin' Park and Creed.

The second band 'This Time Next Year' take to the stage, three fourteen year old lads from Maidenhead who write their own material, they come complete with their own teenage fan club, screaming as if Busted are in the house. A set that showed great maturity as this, like 'Trinity' was their first public appearance. Are they brave enough to come back next year? Who knows?

Finally the main event P.F.J. (People's Front of Judea) the best covers band this side of Jerusalem, so they tell me (the name comes from Monty Python's film 'Life of Brian'). They have headlined the charity gig since we gave them their break at ROCK 2000, charity gig No. 1.

The rock music fades as smoke not only fills the stage but the whole club, lights begin to flash, have we overloaded the fuse box again? No, P.F.J have arrived on stage, out of the smoke 'Backeye' (lead singer) stands proud at the front of the stage in leather trousers, leather bikers cap and 'member' and starts singing "going to a gay bar, gay bar". Have they got the wrong night and wrong club? No. Just one of many stunts P.F.J. think of to keep the band alive. A quick change for Backeye then on with the show, 'Breaking the Law' & 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' great songs to get the capacity 300 strong crowd rocking, rock chic's and metalheads with air guitars head for the front of the stage.

(P.F.J. cater for all musical tastes, they cover the Osmond's Crazy Horses to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive. Songs from The Proclaimers, Mud & the Buggles). P.F.J. play for over an hour & half thrilling the crowd with song after song, they come off stage to rapturous applause and shouts for 'more', the time is late and all good things have to come to an end. The disco kicks in with cheesy and club music for the time that is left.

01.30hr Sunday morning I fall into a cab satisfied of a good job done, £1500 raised for the Paul Bevan Cancer Foundation, and a positive response from those who where there.

Andy Wallis (2004)

14/06/2006 - Gig review at Red Lion

The People's Front Of Judea - 2nd June 2006
Brian-Vocals, Coolus Strumus-Guitar, Eddie Van Porker-Bass, Nortius Maximus-Guitar, Sillius Sodus-Drums, Dancus Ridiculus-Dancer
A band appearing here for the first time and no one that was present will forget them. All the band dress as The People's Front Of Judea from the Monty Python film 'The Life Of Brian', and are joined by Dancus Ridiculus who uses various props whilst dancing to the songs, a wedding veil for 'White Wedding', a horses head for 'Crazy Horses' and a vacum cleaner for 'I Want To Break Free' amongst others. Whilst the dancing is good fun and grabs the attention the band are certainly not to be forgotten, with all of them playing well and having a bit of a laugh at the same time. They are a band that we certainly will be having back again, and if you want a great night out with plenty of entertainment and good songs make sure you catch them when they return. CDL

10/03/2006 - PFJ Christmas Present

This was when The PFJ kitty got blown on a PFJ Kit-Kat, given away as a Christmas present to audience members at The Scotch Bar, Windsor. (The band ate most of them).


AN ale of a time was had by all at this year’s massively popular four-day Reading CAMRA beer festival.

But four hundred types of beer and hundreds of ciders, organic wines and perrys just wasn’t enough to slake the thirst of thousands of punters who descended on King’s Meadow. The 11th festival ended up being cut short by more than half a day because of shortages, and the ‘one in, one out’ queues stretching down the road for most of its duration proved just how popular the event has become. But – as always – it wasn’t just about the beer. The musical entertainment once again proved a winner with the festivalgoers, who danced, whooped, hollered and sang throughout the evening sets. On both Friday and Saturday some excellent entertainers kicked things off in style, with a variety of covers and original tunes for the crowds to sway to.

The professional bands once again proved to be the big hitters, providing precisely what is needed after spending a day on the sauce. On Friday, The People’s Front Of Judea played rock covers including Sweet Child Of Mine, Another Brick In The Wall and Ace Of Spades with impressive accuracy. The show was even more bizarre if you wandered over to the stage to take a look at the band, who were clad head to foot in Arabic robes and sandals. Named after the famous sketch in Monty Python’s Life Of Brian, the band were bouncing around the stage, jumping in with the crowd and generally having a ball.

The only downside of the whole event was the closure of the doors on Sunday afternoon. When the beer ran out, the organisers stopped letting the crowds in. The festival has become a victim of its own success, but hopefully that will simply mean 500 different beers next year and plenty of spare barrels for Sunday!


13/10/2004 - The Paul Bevan Cancer Foundation

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