Meet Eddie Van Porker

Favourite PFJ Song Turning Japanese
Favourite Band The Stranglers/U2/Van Halen (too close to call)
Favourite Song Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head, Burt Bacharach (yes I know it's a blub song)
Favourite Album Black & White, The Stranglers
Favourite Gig Ever The Stranglers at Hammersmith Palais, 1981. We bunked off school to get tickets, queued for 3 hours to get in the front row in front of JJB's bass stack, spat at the French support group, and the gig was ******* excellent (oops, got carried away there)
Highlight Of Musical Career Playing live on The Gloria Hunniford Show on BBC1 (not the PFJ obviously)
Worst Moment Of Musical Career An early 80s group called Bandana - first live gig was recorded and shown on BBC2 - my first 4 notes played were all 'bum'
Highlight Of PFJ Career Getting the call asking us to headline the first night of Reading Beer Festival
Worst Moment Of PFJ Career 'Roadying' for the some of the other members of the PFJ "because they have bad backs"
Most Influential Musician Eddie Van Halen/Steve Vai/Joe Satriani/Jean Jacques Burnel
Favourite Food Japanese/Classical French/Kebabs/Foie Gras flavoured crisps
Favourite Drink Sake/Chateau D'Yquem/Bud/lemon perrier (on stage only)
Most Drunk Ever Probably the time in 1990 I was admitted to A&E at Reading General at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon following a "gentleman's challenge" that started at 11am. I discharged myself before they brought the stomach pump out
Favourite Film (Not Including The Life Of Brian) Dawn of the Dead/Aliens/Withnail & I/Grosse Point Blank
Favourite Scene From The Life Of Brian The "Romanes Ite Domum" scene where the Centurion (John Cleese - ex-school-teacher!) draws the sword on Brian when he cannot define the verb "to go". (It reminds me of when I learned Latin at School)
Favourite TV Programme The Simpsons (probably the best TV programme ever made) although Family Guy is getting pretty close
Favourite Book 'Ninja' - Eric Van Lustbader
Pastimes Eating in expensive restaurants/flamenco dancing/drinking/sleeping/watching TV and films/going to concerts/playing guitars/floatation tanks (not since 'the incident' at Pulse 8 - details on application)/grinning
If I wasn't in The PFJ I'd be not reading this
If I won the lottery I would be dead within three months, but what a way to go
How much do I hate the Romans Not as much as I used to, I mean, look at what they've given us