Meet Sillius Sodus

Favourite PFJ Song 'Mr Blue Sky'
Favourite Band AC/DC, Queen, Journey, Joe Satriani.
Favourite Song '(Make me smile) Come Up And See Me' – Steve Harley and the Cockney Rebel
Favourite Album 'Highway To Hell' - AC/DC
Favourite Gig Ever Monsters Of Rock, Donnington, 1991, the incidents are far too numerous to mention, burning The Samaritans three seater sofa was a good one though.
Highlight Of Musical Career Loaning Les Warner (Ex-Cult drummer) my Tama Superstar kit for a gig!
Worst Moment Of Musical Career My snare drum skin splitting during and open air gig with Working Title.
Highlight Of PFJ Career Chinnor Bike Rally, July 2nd 2005. The whole weekend was fantastic, the open air stage was magnificent, the pyrotechnics were leathal, the bogs were
Worst Moment Of PFJ Career The stench emmitting from Nortius's arse during rehearsals, truly disgusting.

Playing behind Brian at The Rose and Thistle, Reading, when all he had on was a butcher's apron and a jock strap, very off putting and truly disgusting.
Most Influential Musician Freddy Mercury (overall), Keith Moon as the wildest drummer and all round party animal.
Favourite Food Thai and Itallian
Favourite Drink Vodka & Diet Coke, tall glass, two lumps of ice!
Most Drunk Ever Several pints of cider followed by half a pint of J&B whisky (straight down), to cut a long story short, I fell asleep in some strangers car outside Maidenhead train station, was thrown out when the owner returned. Then arrested and taken to Maidenhead ni
Favourite Film (Not Including The Life Of Brian) Zulu, Highlander (“…you have the mannersh of a goat and you schmell like a dung heap….”), The Shawshank Redemption (Steven King’s finest twist)
Favourite Scene From The Life Of Brian The "Biggus Dickus" scene where Michael Palin can’t quite get his tongue round his S’s!
Favourite TV Programme The Young Ones, a milestone for TV and culture in this country.
Favourite Book "Steamin’ In" – Colin Ward
Pastimes Football: - England and Nottingham Forest FC, TV, eating, drinking and generally being loud.
If I wasn't in The PFJ I'd be in a less amusing world!
If I won the lottery I would Hire roadies for all our gigs.
How much do I hate the Romans I’ll treat this question with the contempt it deserves!