Meet Nortius Maximus

Favourite PFJ Song Play That Funky Music
Favourite Band Snuff/Sick On The Bus/Beerzone/Rancid/Half Man Half Biscuit
Favourite Song 'This Is The One' by The Stone Roses
Favourite Album 'Bedtime For Democracy' by The Dead Kennedys
Favourite Gig Ever It would have to be the annual Punk Festival held every July in Morecombe. Nothing better than seeing bands like The Damned, Cocksparrer and The Business in a cow shed. And no queing at the bar!
Highlight Of Musical Career Supporting The UK Subs with Tribal Gathering at The High Wycombe Cat Club in 1985.
Worst Moment Of Musical Career Being met by a bunch of stoney faced skinheads whilst supporting The UK Subs at above gig.
Highlight Of PFJ Career My amp blew up in the second song of our first ever gig.
Worst Moment Of PFJ Career Playing Doc Sausage's wedding.
Most Influential Musician JJ Burnel of The Stranglers
Favourite Food Can't beat a curry (from the Akash, Burnham High Street)
Favourite Drink Tea/Pimm's
Most Drunk Ever New Year's Eve 1984. I was sick in my dad's car on the way home.
Favourite Film (Not Including The Life Of Brian) Italian Job/Spinal Tap/Any Carry On/Any Oliver Stone
Favourite Scene From The Life Of Brian REG: Line up along there please. Get em in two rows Stan. Those with gifts, come forward. Incurables, I'm afraid you'll just have to wait for a few minutes.
MAN: Will he endorse fish?
REG:You'll have to see Sibling Francis about endorsements. And keep t
Favourite TV Programme Dad's Army
Favourite Book "Powder" by Kevin Sampson (novel about an emerging Indie/Rock Band)
Pastimes Watching Reading Football Club. Watching England (play football and cricket) abroad. Playing football for Chicken Town FC.
If I wasn't in The PFJ I'd be Gardening
If I won the lottery I would Fund a PFJ World Tour.
How much do I hate the Romans Not as much as Swindon