Meet Dancus Ridiculous

Favourite PFJ Song Whole Lot of Rosie
Favourite Band Doors, Queen and Steps
Favourite Song 'Fat Bottom Girls' by Queen
Favourite Album Buzz by Steps/ Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd
Favourite Gig Ever Queen Wembley Arena 1982. Freddy forgot the words to "Your My Best Friend" announced F**K IT and had to start again.
Highlight Of Musical Career Lead Triangle - Marish Middle School
Worst Moment Of Musical Career Discovering myself playing air bass guitar
ala Mark King to Lessons In Love centre stage in front of 2000 people at
Bournmouth Academy.
Highlight Of PFJ Career PFJ debut at Harry's in front of 300 adoring fans
at Harry's !!
Worst Moment Of PFJ Career Ain't happened ain't gonna happen
Most Influential Musician Gene Kelly
Favourite Food Lean Cuisine and Celery
Favourite Drink Alcohol/ Kaliber
Most Drunk Ever Spain 1985. After drinking beer and brandy to cure toothache developing multiple personalities including Scot, Indian and
French whilst wrapping myself in toilet paper mummy style.
Favourite Film (Not Including The Life Of Brian) Casablanca/ Pulp Fiction /The Good The Bad and The Ugly.
Favourite Scene From The Life Of Brian Michael Palin portrayal of an ex leper cured by Jesus and so robbing him of his career.
Favourite TV Programme Twin Peaks, Sweeney, Citizen Smith.
Favourite Book Papillion.
Pastimes Shaving my back/ fighting bears and sweating.
If I wasn't in The PFJ I'd be an Emu farmer
If I won the lottery I would buy the band a life's supply of Crème de
Month frappe.
How much do I hate the Romans More than a pig sick latte !!